At Moss Side we consider reading to be the key to unlocking the door for children to learn. As such, we place a heavy emphasis upon this skill as soon as children step through the door into EYFS.   Initially, the children are assessed to see if they are ready to learn sight vocabulary and some use matching activities in order to develop their skill to read words by sight. The children then move on to learning High Frequency Words, where sight vocabulary is learnt by the children and applied in their reading through the use of captions. At the same time, children use Letterland characters to learn phonetic sounds as they develop their ability to segment (split up sounds) before blending them back together in order to read a variety of words. This largely follows the structure set out in Letters and Sounds.   The children are heard reading on a daily basis by staff within school but the support of parents is encouraged as children take home their reading book from the Moss Side scheme (made up from a variety of different schemes, such as Oxford Reading Tree or Ladybird Read it Yourself).   Image result for reading clipart